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Rutherford Vs Bohr

.Rutherford vs Bohr

Bohr smug and clearly a dick

Rutherford standing onstage

Bohr (comes in):
    Oh I say, Rutherford.
    It's been a big week, hasn't it?
    Not really, time moves slowly in the science world.
    Well, that may be true for a scientist like yourself - but for someone on the cutting edge of         scientific progress like myself it moves awfully quickly
    I believe we are equally talented scientists, Bohr
    Do you believe I’m some kind of cad?
    I do not believe you are some kind of cad
    Well I’d have to be some kind of cad to even entertain the idea that we are on the same         level of scientific research
    What makes you so sure you’re superior to me?
    Oh, so you haven't heard?
    I've discovered a new model of the atom.
    Oh, really? Well, that is impressive. Well done.
    It is well done. Well done by me. And, Rutherford, remind me if you will, what are you famous for?
    Well, my model of the atom.
    That's right, your outdated model of the atom. Outdated by me, Neils Bohr.
    High Five for Bohr (High fives self) ...from Bohr. I deserved that.
R:     Well, Bohr, this is what science is all about, it's about progress and new discoveries.

B: Yes, I would say I am a science.

R: I didn't even imply that -

B: Science Bohr, that's what they'll call me. Neils "The Science" Bohr.

R: That seems highly unlikely.

B: What seems highly unlikely, Rutherford, is that your model of the atom will remain the generally accepted model of the atom

R: I don't understand why you're being such a jerk.

B: You don't understand a lot of things, Rutherford. Electron orbits, for example. How to not fail, perchance.

R: Look, I still advanced human understanding a great deal. In my experiment with the Hydrogen spectrum... ( Bohr interrupts)

B:     Woah, nerd...

R: What? I'm not a nerd.

B: That sounds like nerd talk to me, nerd.

R:    You're just as big a nerd.. in fact - your science is more accurate than mine. You must be a bigger nerd because you're clearly a better scientist than I am.
B:     Aha! Made you say it!
R: Touche