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The Come Out List

Product of Teacake Tuesday - Courtesy of Megan and Chloe

Megan: So, Zoe, I have to tell you something really important. I'm gay.
Zoe: Oh my god. I'm glad you felt you could tell me.
Megan: (undertone) Sweet. Done.
(snaps notebook closed)
Zoe: Sorry, what was that?
Megan: Oh, it's just my coming out list. I'm finally done.
Zoe: Wait - so I was the last person you told!?
Megan: Well, your name starts with a Z. I did it alphabetically. You know, so I didn't forget anyone
Zoe: But I'm your best friend! I should have been told first!
Megan: But to do that i'd need to add an A at the start of your name, but then I'd look at the list and wonder who Azoe was, but you're not Azoe. You're THE Zoe! You're MY Zoe!
Zoe: Exactly! My Zoe. As in Your Zoe! As in your best friend who deserves to know you're gay before anyone else!
Megan: Well I kind of thought you'd figured it out, with what we got up to last night
Zoe: That makes you gay?
Megan: Yep.
Zoe: So that makes me gay?
Megan: Yep.
Zoe: Shit. I need to make a list.