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The Break Up

Anne: Brian, I think we need to talk

Brian: Yes, you are right. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship - and with a love like ours, an unbreakable love - a love that sweet aphrodite herself would sing in vain of - communication, talking, that is the key. We need to talk, and we shall. We shall share stories of our day over our evening repast. We shall whisper sweet nothings over the pillow at night. We shall share our deepest fears and greatest joys. And we shall say that we love each other. We definitely need to talk.

Anne: No, Brian - I need to talk to you

Brian: Please, sweet Anne - speak!  Punctuate the night with your sweet song. Pluck at my heartstrings and leave me hanging on your ever word. Tell me words of love. Whisper delicate and lovely things to me. Tell me things that only a lover should know - things only a dedicated partner in an eternal bond would dare share - things that prove that we will never part - no matter what.

Anne: No, I - 

Brian: Yes, there is no I anymore. We are together. We are one. Nothing could tear us apart. 

Anne: Brian, I have -

Brian: I know what I have - my dear. I have you. And yes, it's true that it might be all i have nowadays. What with my parents being tragically killed when the car they were driving struck my little brother - but now is not a time for such tragedy, my dear. Now is the time to hear what you have to say - for I love you, and I endear to hear your every word - from the loudest pontification to the smallest secret. Hide nothing from me, sweet love. Tell me everything.

Anne: Okay, I guess -

Brian: Do not guess, my dear! Be confident! Confident as I am in our love. Be as sure as in this statement as I am in the fact that we shall never part. Be concrete, and unbreakable - like the unified beating of our hearts. Be eternal - like the linking of our souls. Be yourself, my sweet petal, for that is all I want. You are all I have now, Anne. Without you - I would be desperately lonely. I would spend my nights looking down the bottom of a gin bottle, weeping ever so softly. The world would show nothing to me. Life would turn grey. You, my dear, you are my light. Without you in my life there would be nothing. I would be nothing.

Anne: I'm breaking up with you.

Brian: I'm doing your sister.

Anne: Cool.

Brian: Cool.