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Supervillain Introduction

(The introduction notice for the show)

Static on video screen

Opens to a black room with an OUTRAGEOUS SUPER VILLAIN facing the camera

Villain: Greetings Earthlings, As you can see I have taken control of the 2010 Science Revue. For the next 100 minutes I will be subjecting you to all manner of sketches, songs and videos. You will experience but one fifteen minute reprieve - Use it wisely, Earthings - for it will be your last. There are exits at the rear of the theatre, through the doors you came in - make use of them if you dare. My demands are as follows: You are to switch off your mobile phones. No one is coming to help you. There is to be no smoking in the lair, with the possible exception of if  you've been reduced to a crater by my laser beam, and finally, if you have the courage - if you have the tenacity - if you have the sheer daring, you are to enjoy the show. Good luck (Evil laugh) 

(Screen off)