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Set in an office.  The BOSS is sitting at a desk, there is a chair on the other side of the desk.

Lights up.

SUPERMAN enters.

BOSS: Hi!  Superman, it’s great to see you, you look great!  Thanks for coming in.


Awkward handshake, SUPERMAN sits down.

BOSS: Now Superman, everyone here is a real fan of your work, seriously, the way you beat Scissor Man to death with a rock last week?  Brilliant. But I'm afraid we've had a few complaints within the office.

SUPERMAN: Complaints?

BOSS: (Flipping through a folder) Yes, well, see it says here that you keep asking Catwoman when her next litter is due.

SUPERMAN motions to the BOSS to keep talking.

BOSS:  (Flipping a little further) And you've been asking her if she can pop a tabby out for you.  (Flipping again) It's also totally inappropriate to ask if you can drink Aquaman.  (Flipping further) The Flash hasn't been charged with indecent exposure, (Flipping again) Robin isn't a fricken' bird!

SUPERMAN gives the BOSS a blank stare.

BOSS: (Facepalm)  Superman, we've been over this! For the last time, Catwoman does not give birth to cats!  They're all just a names!  They aren't literal.

SUPERMAN: I- I'm not following you.

BOSS: Look, your name is Superman, does this mean you give birth to retirement savings?!

SUPERMAN: Of course I don't give birth to retirement savings!

BOSS: Great! And you know why that is, right?

SUPERMAN: Because I'm a guy!

Hard lights down.