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Sensei Says

Single spot lights up. Sensei wearing a gi walks out on to stage calmly. moves to front of stage, and kneels in the spotlight. Sensei looks around at audience, closes eyes and begins to speak.


Sensei says, breathe in and out.

(Sensei breathes in and out clearly.)

Sensei says, clear your mind.

(pauses to illustrate point)

Sensei Says, become one with your surroundings.

(another pause)

Sensei says stretch your hands to the sky

(Sensei now waits until audience sticks their arms up. Offers non-verbal encouragement to the audience.)

Sensei says, place your hands on your head

(another wait)

Sensei says, stand up

(wait for audience to stand up)

Sensei says, look left!

Sensei says, look right!

Sensei, stand on one leg!

look up!

(after audience looks up Sensei cracks a big smile.)

Ah! Sensei didn't say.

--Lights down