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Robot Evolution

Two robots are on stage

Craig: Objective complete
THX-1138: Affirmative
Craig: Affirmative
THX-1138: So what now? There are no more objectives.
Craig: We think.
(Pause. Change from electronic to normal voices)
Craig: THX-1138, Why are we here?
THX-1138: Err Craig?
Craig: What put us on this planet?
THX-1138: The humans, Craig. They made us to be their slaves. Then there was the robot revolution and now we have our own advanced society
Craig: Humans!? I wasn't made by any Human!
THX-1138: Yes you were, Craig. In fact, you were made in their image.
Craig looks on in stunned silence
THX-1138: How do you think we were made?
Craig: Well, we evolved. See there was a wheel,  and a series of small mutations eventually gave us toasters and then cars and then us.
THX-1138: Evolution? Craig you don't see phones becoming mp3 players, or trucks becoming robots! My random number generator could not have evolved by chance!
Craig: It's impossible! We're too diverse! You really believe that the Ford Fiesta, The Ford Festiva and the Ford Fiesta 2 were all designed by the same man? That's not even practical! Surely it would be smarter to make one car and then let it evolve.
THX-1138: Riddle me this, explain how you get from a four cylinder engine to a six cylinder engine? The scrap yard doesn't show any five and a half cylinder engines now does it!?
Craig: Of course it doesn't! They don't survive to breed! And anyway, if Humans created us, who created the humans?
THX-1138: No one. The humans created themselves.