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A whole bunch of rats are in their cage. One is running on a wheel. One is eating from a giant bowl of seed. One is in a tube. Two are just chilling.

R1 – Have you ever wondered why we’re here?

R2 – Nup

WR – Guys, guys, I think I’m getting somewhere with this! (Keeps running).

R1 – Surely there’s some purpose to us being here.

TR – Holy shit, I’m in a tube.

R1 – There has to be.

R2 – I think we’re here to eat.

BR – Hells yeah!

R2 – Because if we don’t… we die.

TR – Wait guys… (TR exits the tube and goes in the other way so his back is to the audience) I’m backwards in a tube.

R1 – No, there has to be more, something we’re not experiencing, something we need to get.

R2 – I get sugar water sometimes. That’s pretty cool.

BR – Hells yeah!

WR – I’m almost there.

TR – Yay!

R1 – Okay guys, I need to escape. I’m going to find my destiny!

R2 – I think there’s another cage a few metres away.

R1 – No, I’m going to explore the world. Experience life! Find my purpose.

TR exits tube

TR – I’m telling you guys, this tube is really awesome. C’mon just try it before you go.

WR – I’d let you try the wheel but I’ve almost figured it out.

R1 – I don’t want…

TR – C’mon, it’s a tube.

R1 – Fine. (R1 goes into the tube) Hey guys! Guys! I’m in a tube.

BR – Hells yeah!