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[Pythagoras is sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage, he is wearing headgear with a large right angled triangle on it.  A Student enters.]

Student: Oh great master of mathematics, Pythagoras?

Pythagoras: Yes.

Student: Um, I seem to have a bit of a problem here. Could you have a look at this?

[Pythagoras takes the tablet, reads. Various facial expressions occur]

Pythagoras: What is this, exactly?

Student: Well, I was trying to find the ratio of the circumference of a circle -

Pythagoras: The forbidden shape!

Student: Of the forbidden shape to its diameter, and I kind of got a weird answer.

Pythagoras: What do you mean?

Student: Well, you know how you taught us that all numbers have an end?

Pythagoras: Yes... that does sound like something I would say.

Student: I think I’ve found one that doesn’t.

Pythagoras: No you didn't.

Student: Yes, I did.

Pythagoras: No you didn't.

Student: Yes I did, this number does not end!

Pythagoras: Lies!  Heathen!  Infidel!  That's not how the world works!  Do you think this building was built with numbers that don't end?  I'll have you thrown out of the cult of Pythagoras!  Explain to me this crime against all that is natural!

Student: ...well you know how you’ve got 1, right?

Pythagoras: Yes.

Student: And then, you’ve got 2, right.

Pythagoras: Yes.

Student: And thennnnnnnnnnn... you’ve got three.

Pythagoras: [immediately] And then four?

Student: Whoah, don’t get ahead of yourself. What if there was something between three and four?

Pythagoras: Three and a half

Student: Yes, but more like.... 3.1415926535897932384626433.

Pythagoras: What?!

Student: Approximately. It’s the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Pythagoras: Impossible.

Student: No it's not. Have a look at this.

[Student hands tablet back. Pythagoras takes it and reads. Various facial expressions and sounds]

Pythagoras: Well.. this is very impressive.

Student: Really?

Pythagoras: Most definitely!  This theorem might be the most exciting discovery of mathematics since mine!

Student: You think so?

Pythagoras: Yes.

[Pythagoras takes the tablet and brains the student with it, killing her. He looks around furtively, and legs it.]

Pythagoras: To the Pythagorasmobile!