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INT- Professor Oak's Lab

Three Pokeballs are sitting on a desk.

OAK: Okay, now - choose your Pokemon!
ASH: What are my options?
OAK: Well, there's Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander.
ASH: Okay, and what do they end up turning into?
OAK: Eventually Bulbasaur turns into Venasaur - Squirtle turns into Blastoise and Charmander ultimately becomes Charizard
ASH: So.. I can choose between a big plant .. a big tortoise .. or a fire breathing dragon.
OAK: Yep.
ASH: Tough call.
OAK: It is a tough call.
ASH: Gary, why don't you choose first?
GARY: Oh.. oh no .. I'd - I'd rather wait for you to pick.
ASH: Why?
GARY: Oh, no reason. I'm just interested ..
ASH: Are you just going to pick the one that would beat mine?
GARY: ... no. Nope. No way.
ASH: Well, I think I'll go with Charmander then.
GARY: Great, I'll take Squirtle.
ASH: See!
GARY: What?
ASH: You just chose the one you know would beat mine.
GARY: No I didn't.. Hey, want to battle?
ASH: What? No.
GARY: Why not?
ASH: What do you mean why not!? You just .. okay, I want bulbasaur.
GARY: I'll take charmander!
ASH: You're doing it again!
GARY: I'm not doing anything!
ASH: Okay, I want Charmander
GARY: Squirtle
ASH: Squirtle
GARY: Bulbasaur
ASH: Bulbasaur
GARY: Charmander
ASH: Taurus
GARY: (Panicked) A ghost!
ASH: This is mental! Okay, fine. You have Charmander. I'll take Squirtle.
GARY: No! Squirtle's mine!
Gary takes the pokeball and steps back
Oak steps forward
OAK: Good choice, Gary! That's a fine pokemon. Would you like to give a nickname to your Squirtle?
GARY: Call it Butt!
OAK: You can't call it Butt.
GARY: Butt used bubblebeam!
OAK: Grow up, Gary.
GARY: (sadly) It's super effective.
ASH: Can I have a Pokemon now?
OAK: Oh, okay - you can have one of these two or you can have another Pokemon that I didn't mention for no reason.
ASH: Okay.. what's that one
OAK: Pikachu! He's an electric rodent!
ASH: An electric rodent?
OAK: Yep.
ASH: So, I can have a mouse undergoing electro-shock therapy or I can have a god damned fire breathing beast of myth?
OAK: Yep.
ASH: Another tough call.
OAK: It is tough.
ASH: So, why would I choose pikachu?
OAK: It'd beat Squirtle.
ASH: I'll take it.