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[Scene: EXT. Captain Planet is standing over a defeated villain, with the five Planeteers nearby.]

Dr. Blight: Damn you, Captain Planet!

[Dr. Blight is escorted off stage by two policemen.]

Captain Planet: The power is yours!

[Flashing lights as Captain Planet returns to the Planeteers' rings.]

Kwame: Great work, guys! Wow, everyone was amazing today. Wheeler, when you incinerated all that toxic waste, and when Linda blew away all that smog, and Gi washed out that oil spill ...and Ma-Ti, when you... you know, when you... with the heart, and the... 
Wheeler: Okay, we need to talk.
Ma-Ti: About what?
Gi: Ma-Ti... you’ve been with us for so long... this is so hard to say...
Ma-Ti: What’s going on, guys?
Qwame: Look, Ma-Ti, we need to talk about your future with us.
Linka: In the last two months, I’ve reduced air pollution by 13 megatonnes, Kwame has grown global rainforest density by 11%, Gi’s water purification scheme has increased average life expectancy by 1.7 years, and Wheeler’s burn control has saved hundreds of lives from forest fires. And then... there’s you.
Wheeler: What have you ever actually done for us?
Ma-Ti: I... make people happy! I’ve got the power of heart –
Wheeler: [mocking] “I’ve got the power of heart” look, Ma-Ti. You don’t work, you don’t drive, you’ve always got that goddamn monkey –
Ma-Ti: You leave Suchi out of this!

Gi: This is really hard for us, Ma-Ti. But, look, our solar cars don’t repair themselves, your monkey eats at least as much as two people, and, can you even work? What are you, like, 13?
Ma-Ti: Fourteen!
Gi: Look, regardless, Ma-Ti... I think we’ve got to let you go.
Ma-Ti: ...but, but I’ve got the power of heart.
Kwame: I bet you do, Ma-Ti. I bet you do.


Ma-Ti: Well... I guess this is it, then. I guess I’ll just... yeah, I’ll go. G-goodbye then. Thanks for... 


Qwame: Ah well. He was a good kid. I think we should all take a second to remember all the fun times we had, and all the -
Guy: Planeteers! Planeteers! Come quick!
Linka: What?
Guy: Luten Plunder has broken free! He’s planning to detonate a toxic waste storage center!
Wheeler: Quick, there’s no time to lose!
Qwame: Let our powers combine...

Captain Planet: By your powers combined, I am C – erkh!
[Captain Planet starks to choke, grabs his heart, falls to the ground].
Wheeler: So THAT’S what the power of heart is for!