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A: Step right up here! Don't be shy! Guess the weight of the piglet and you'll get to take it home! This beautiful animal could be yours! Just guess how heavy he is!
B: Oh! oh! 200 tonnes!
A:... 200 tonnes? That's a lot.
B: Did I win?
A: Try a bit lower.
B: 199 tonnes?
A: It's a piglet not an asteroid. try again!
B: Am I getting warm though?
A: Warmer certainly but you're still very close to absolute zero.
B: Alright I'm gonna say... 120 tonnes!
A: Oh for goodness sake! This piglet is not 120 tonnes! It's about the size of a handbag!
Piglet: Look buddy if you're gonna split hairs I'm leaving
A: Huh?
Piglet: Here's where you say 'Congratulations'
A: Congratulations
Piglet: 'You have won!'
A: You have won?
B: Really?? AWESOME!!! I can take the piglet?
A: Go right ahead!
*B tries to pick up the piglet but is half crushed under its weight*
B: ARGH!!!
Piglet: Well what do you expect buddy? I weigh 80 tonnes.