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McDonald’s Sketch

A parent and their kid are in a car with the parent driving and the kid sitting in the back seat. The kid is bored because, well, make it up, I dunno.

K – Mum, where are we going?

M – We’re going grocery shopping, I told you already.

K – Oh… (pause) I want to go to McDonalds.

M – You can’t go to McDonalds.

K – I want to go to McDonalds!

M – You can’t go to McDonalds!

K – I want some McNuggets!

M – We’re going grocery shopping.

K – I want a damn happy meal!

M – You can’t have a happy meal!

K – I want a happy meal with McNuggets!

M – No!

K – I want a six pack!

M – What?

K – A six pack of McNuggets with my damn happy meal!

M – We’ll buy some nuggets when we go grocery shopping.

K – Yay! (Pause) Wait… (Pause) McNuggets?

M – No, you can’t go to McDonalds!

K – I want a 9 pack of McNuggets!

M – No, you want a 6 pack of McNuggets.

K – With my damn happy meal.

M – You can’t go to McDonalds!

K – Why not? You’re never any fair to me.

M – Because.

K – Because why?

M – I beat up a Ronald McDonald once. (Long pause) And took his McNuggets.