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Marriage Proposal Gone wrong

Gid walks on stage with a microphone.

Gid: Hey everyone - um, Chloe and Charles have generously agreed to let me interrupt the show for a moment to do something. Um, I've been seeing a beautiful girl called sole for some time now, and I've arranged for her to be held backstage after her last sketch. Sole, would you come out please?

Sole walks onstage, slowly joins Gid.

Gid: Now, those of you who know me may have noticed that I'm not always the most romantic person. But Sole, when we met I was entranced by your beautiful smile, and the way your eyes glitter when you are truly happy. And when I'm down, when I'm truly unhappy, all I have to do is see you walk into a room, and everything seems all right again

(Revue emerges in their hoodies)

Gid: (Turning to Sole) Sole, I love you. You are the part of me I never knew was missing. You are the smile that I never thought I could muster. You are the happiness that I never thought I deserved. I could not imagine my life without you, and I never want to have to. Sole, (gets down on one knee)

Sole: Gid - what are you doing?

Gid: (takes out box) I want to spend my life with you.

Sole: Don't do it!

Gid: Will you marry me?

Sole: Oh god! Oh my god! Gid, no - why! Gid! It's so soon! I just - I'm sorry - I just can't - I'm so sorry! (Runs away)

(Looong beat)

Kenni: I can fix this.
Gid: What?
Kenni: I can fix this.
Gid: Kenni - please, don't it doesn't need - please
Kenni: No no no, I can save it.
Gid: My - my life was just decimated. I just humiliated myself in front of my friends and family I just lost the love of my life. How do you expect to rescue this?

(Kenni kicks Gid in the crotch)
(Removes hoodie to reveal costume from Suspenders And a belt)
(Runs off stage)