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Major Counsellor

Lights Up, there is a couch, and a councellor sitting on a chair next to itStudent comes in and sits on the couch.

Counsellor: So what brings you here today?  You said you had some relationship troubles?

Student: Yes, well, the other week I hooked up with this subject, I was pretty drunk and I thought, hey, what the hell?  Why not.  But, it hasn't turned out quite like I imagined.

Counsellor: Please, continue, what happened?

Student: Well, I thought it would be a quick fling, I'd get the credit points, I'd increase the subject's number by one.  We were just going to use each other, but now...

Counsellor: Now?

Student: It... it... it... it wants me to go with it again, it wants me to major in it!  I just can't handle that kind of commitment, I'm really only here for the parties, y'know?

Counsellor: Yes, yes, I understand, it's a common feeling, students expressing commitment fears.

Student: It was a bit of a lame subject anyway, I was really relying on just disappearing, never seeing it again, but I swear it's been following me.  It's been showing up in chemistry and biology, I just don't know what to do!  I even did psychology, and I swear every now and then I saw a glimmer.

Counsellor: So, you claim to be seeing it everywhere now?

Student: Even when I go to bed, I just spend all my time counting sheep!


Needs Punchline