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Daleks and David: A tribute

Note: everything in blue is to be done like Tennant. Daleks always talk in dalek voices.

 TARDIS appears with epic lighting. Doctor emerges, brandishing sonic screwdriver. He shines the screwdriver, licks his finger and tastes the air, creeps around cautiously. Could possibly have an extra gizmo he is using to track something.

Suddenly the lights go on and there are 3 daleks standing around wearing party hats with a large banner saying “we’ll miss you.”

The daleks: Surprise!

The Doctor does a huge double take (in David Tennent style. This is the tenth Dr by the way)

Dr: What on earth are you doing!?!

Dalek Tex: We heard you were going so we had a bit of a whip round.

Dr: What for? Oh right, yes. Season ending and all. Yes it is time for me to move on.

Dalek Ent: The show won’t be the same without you.

Dr: well, I’m not so sure about that. You lot'll be fine. There's a new guy coming.

Dalek Ent attempts to hug the Doctor. ie bumps into him .

Dalek Ent: you were the best doctor ever.

The Doctor looks a bit awkward but he pats Dalek Ent reassuringly

Dr: There there, it's all fine. You don’t need me to continue your attempts destroy the universe.

Dalek Ent: moving back it just won’t be the same.

Dalek Spam moves aside to show a table with a small, messily made cake. Possibly a pink  iced dalek or TARDIS. The is also a card on the table.

Dalek Spam: I recognition of our times together, I have baked this cake. I’m sorry it is a little messy, we only have whisks.

The Daleks all twiddle their whisks (ie laser things)
The Doctor starts to eat the cake. He continues to intermitantly eat it for the rest of the sketch.

Dr: to Dalek Spam you baked this?

Dalek Spam: bashful All by myself

Dr: Oh I like you!

Dalek Tex: We also got you a card. It is on the table.

The doctor picks it up the card has a pink kitten on it… and several holes

Dr: Oh isn’t that nice!

Dalek Tex: we signed it with our extermination beams

All the daleks: getting excited exterminate, exterminate EXTERMINATE

Dr does his crazy hand waving thing.

Dr: woah, woah! Hold on now. Let's just settle down. There is no need to exterminate anybody.

All the daleks: sorry doctor.

Dalek Ent: We’re a little emotional

Dalek Tex: But Dalek’s do not have emotions.

Dalek Ent: Maybe some of us do and we just hide them

Awkward pause

Dr: with cake in mouth You know this cake is brilliant! I especially like the jellybabies.

Dalek Spam: I am glad you like it Doctor.

Dalek Tex: Now it is time for party games. First on the list, hide and seek.

Dr: Brilliant, right! You all count to pi. I’ll go hide.

As they count. Dr grabs cake and legs it to the TARDIS.

Daleks: Excellent. 1,2,3,3.1415926535(TARDIS starts to leave)89793238462….

All the daleks hear the TARDIS leave and look around. They stare where the TARDIS used to be. Sad pause.

Dalek Ent: He’s not coming back is he?

Dalek Tex: This is how wars get started.

Dalek Spam: proud at least he liked my cake