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Cry me a River

 A girl BECKY is sitting on a picnic blanket. Beside her is a picnic basket. She is crying while sadly skimming stones in the water. She pauses and rubs the space on the blanket next to her sadly as a second girl MARY enters happily and approaches BECKY. BECKY tries to hide her tears from MARY.

M: Hey Becky. How you been?
B: sniffing fine.
Awkward pause as MARY realises that BECKY is crying.
M: Is something wrong?
B: No... No I'm fine. pause sandwich?
M: Oh thanks!
MARY greedily eats the sandwich until she notices BECKY sobbing a little again
M: Seriously Becky what's wrong?
B: I thought you knew. I thought everyone knew.
B: About Mark... and the accident.
M: eagerly OH! That was on the news!
B: yeah
M: ... with the motorcycle
B: yeah
M: Mark was your...
B: yeah
MARY looks awkward and eats the sandwich. She attempts to change the topic.
M: well that was really great! Got any more?
B: Yeah. I always pack for two.
M: Thanks!
MARY is about to eat the sandwich when she realises that this sandwich must have been meant for Mark.
M: Did you and Mark used to?
B: yeah
M: And you made him indicates sandwich
B: yeah
MARY has an awkward moment as she internally weather or not to eat the sandwich. Eventually she does.
M: So you used to come here a lot?
B: Yeah I'd make sandwiches and we'd sit together.
M: You used to sit here?
BECKY nods
M: On this blanket?
BECKY nods sadly and bursts into hysterical tears. MARY has a long awkward moment as she realises that she has been sitting in Mark's space.
M: so anyway, what did you put on this sandwich?
B: hysterical MARK!

hard lights down.