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Care Bears

It's a typical day in Care-A-Lot for the lovely, happy, joyful Care Bears.
All Bears have absurdly high voices and epitomise sunshine and happiness.

Sunshine Bear: Good Morning Laugh-a-lot!
Laugh-a-lot: Good Morning Sunshine Bear!
Sunshine Bear: Isn't it just! The Sun is in the sky smiling down on us, the clouds are fluffy and there are all my friends!
Sleepy Bear: *Yawn* What a wonderful, happy morning! I feel so full of joy and wonder!
Fun Bear: *Skips on stage* Hi Care Bears! I think today would be a great day for a picnic!
Rainbow Bear: I agree! Take me too!
Fun Bear: Ok! But where to go?
Sunshine Bear: How about the mystical, amazing waterfalls of joy, happiness and fun?
Laugh-a-lot: Yeah! With the pools of happy!
Sleepy Bear: Oh boy! Let's get going!
Bears prance across stage.
Fun Bear: We're here everyone!
All Bears: Yay!
Sunshine Bear: But oh no! The pools of happy and the base of the waterfall of delight and happiness are drying up.
Rainbow Happy Bear: This is really really bad! All the happiness in the world is draining away!
The bears begin forming a semicircle and are all chittering in worry.
Sleepy Bear: What can we do?
Laugh-a-lot: I don't know!
Sunshine Bear: Me neither! Oh how bad!
Rainbow Bear: *Starts softly crying* I don't want to not be happy...
Fun Bear: *Disturbing, low voice* THE TIME HAS COME.
Red lighting, darker stage. The bears chant. The semi-circle splits in half to reveal a small, now very very scared Care Bear that was standing behind it. They begin to lift the small bear.
Tiny Cute Bear: Wha-wha-huh-...
The chanting quickens. One of the bears rips out the still beating (human) heart of the tiny bear and holds it aloft!
Fun Bear: *Disturbing, low voice* IT IS DONE.
The lighting returns to normal.
All Bears: *In high voice* Yay!
Sleepy Bear: The waters are filling with happiness again!
Sunshine Bear: And joy! Yay!
Laugh-a-lot: The world will be happy again!
Bears cavort gleefully. Loving bear enters from offstage.
Loving Bear: Oh no... we don't have any bread for the sandwiches of love-love, joy and hapiness!
Fun Bear: *Disturbing, low voice* ... THE TIME HAS COME.

The semi circle begins to split revealing another small care bear.
Lights down.