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Captain's Log

Dark stage. Spot light on an open, extremely weathered diary. VOICE OVER:

Captain's log. April 12th, 1914. 6pm. I couldn't help but get an eerie feeling today when the marshmallow in my hot chocolate crashed into the ice cube and sunk.

My horoscope read "you will have smooth sailing today, until you crash into an iceberg killing thousands of people". I don't hold much stock in horoscopes especially since both smooth and killing were spelled incorrectly... still... There aren't meant to be ice cubes in my hot chocolate... at this time of year.

Captains log. April 12th, 1914, 11:50. Two strange occurrences. My micro-sleep was broken by a noise. A strange noise. An almost icebergish noice. And my second mate is
preparing to take his own life because "we don't have enough life boats". Could the ship be sinking? My adept naval training reminds me that "Once is chance. And twice is still only coincidence".

Captains log. Update. I am up to my neck in water, with no method of escape. I rest assured of ships integrity.

Captains log. Update: The water is entering my mouth now, I appear to be drowning. Yes, the water is entering my lungs... I remain assured that (gurgling noises as the Captain continues to speak).

Lights down