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Bungee Jumping

A couple and an instructor stand on a bungee jumping platform. The couple have ropes tied around them.

Jon: Is this your first jump?
Sally: Yep!
Billy: Are you sure this is safe?
Sally: Aw, come on Billy! You're such a wuss!
Jon: Don't worry, man - We've never had a single injury.
Sally: See!
Billy: Any fatalities?
Jon: Well, yeah.
Billy: I'd consider that a pretty serious injury
Jon: No, no - an injury is something like a broken arm. If you fall down from here - hah, hah - you'll die.
Billy: I don't want to do this.
Jon: Don't worry - when you've been here as long as I have these things are bound to happen.
Billy: How long have you been here?
Jon: Almost a week.
Sally: Don't worry, Billy! It's not like he's going to forget to tie the rope!
Jon: Hah, you joke - that actually happened yesterday.
Billy: WHAT?!
Jon: Yeah, fella got half way down and I realised I was holding the other end.
Sally: Oh my god, what did you do?
Jon: I just let it go.
Sally: What!? Why!?
Jon: I had a theory I was testing.
Billy: Yeah, it's best not to just blindly trust gravity.
Jon: No, no -  I thought he might have been Superman.
Billy: Why?
Jon: He wasn't wearing glasses.
Sally: Oh, that's okay then. Was he superman?
Jon: (Sadly) Nope.
Billy: .. what do you mean "Was he superman"?
Sally: You never know - he might have been.
Billy: I .. I'm pretty sure he wasn't
Sally: Someone has to be superman.
Billy: Well, that's not strictly true.
Jon: Are you jumping or not?
Billy: I - definitely not.
Jon: Don't be a wuss
Billy pulls at his rope. It's not tied to anything
Billy: .. my cord isn't even tied on!
Jon: Hah - yeah. I thought you looked a bit like Spiderman.
Billy: So.. you were going to let me jump without tying my cord to anything?
Jon: Yep.
Billy: But - but Spiderman can't even fly!