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Bananas In Pyjamas

B1 and B2 are greeting the Bears

B1: So, welcome to the neighbourhood
BEAR: Why, thank you
B2: Oh - just a few more things. Bins go out Thursday
B1: There's a shop up the road that has everything you need
B2: Oh, and on Tuesdays we're going to come around and we're going to try and grab you.
BEAR: What?
B1: Bins go out Thursday
BEAR: No, last one
B2: Ah, yep. On Tuesday we're going to break in to your house and see if we can, you know, catch you unawares.
BEAR: Why!?
B1: It's natural
BEAR: Bananas chasing bears is natural?
B2: On Tuesdays it is.
B1: Bananas chasing bears on Wednesday wouldn't be
B2: Oh no, on Wednesdays it'd be down right perverted
B1: Disgusting
B2: But Tuesday is fine.
B1: Perfectly natural.
BEAR: So .. what will you do if you catch us?
(B1 and B2 laugh)
B1: Oh, you don't want to know.
BEAR: Go on, tell me.
B2: We don't know.
B1: It'd be pretty bad though, I'd imagine.
B2: Yeah - We'll probably kill you.
B1: Well - no - that's not true.
B2: No killing?
B1: No .. that's .. that's a bit extreme. We should tone it down a bit.
B2: So, what? Like, tie them up or something?
B1: Uh, yeah - maybe we could tie them up.
B2: And make them do stuff?
B1: Maybe, again. Kind of like puppets.
B2: Sex puppets.
B1: No! No - Definitely not.
B2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?
B1: NO! NO! You are a sex pest, Banana. You are a sex pest. These bears have done nothing to deserve this! No-
(One of the bears is eating a banana)
B1: Is that a ..
BEAR: Huh?
B1: Are you eating a banana?
BEAR: .. No..
B2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?
B1: I think I am B2.
Both Bananas: It's sex puppet time!