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At the Gates of Heaven

Bouncer (B) standing at the 'Gates of Heaven". There's a line. A couple of people get let through, either they know the bouncer or slip him money or flash him or something. Damien (D) is at the end of the line.

Damien gets to the bouncer.

D: Hey, how's it going? Tries to walk through

B: stops him Got any ID mate.

D: Not really. I sorta left it behind, (you know... on Earth)

B: No ID, No entry

D: Oh but my friends just went through. I'm with them.

B: Sorry mate.

D: Damien Goodwin. I'm pretty sure I'm on the list. B "checks"

D: I'm on the list. I've been a good samaritan

B: Looks like you had an extra marital affair

D: How did you know that?

B: God sees all

D: So you know about the...

B: Yup

D: And the...

B: Yup

D: Even...?

B: Ohoh, we videotaped that one.

D: Isn't there something I can do?

B: Not really. There's a place down the street, big red building. Can't miss it.

D: ok... WAIT. HELL? You want me to go to hell?

B: Yup.

D: But .. don't they have sodomy there?

B: Yup.

D: Great.