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At Home with Homeopathy

A kitchen. HOMEOPATHY is making sandwiches. Enter FLATMATE.

FLATMATE: Hey Homeopathy, how are things?

HOMEOPATHY: Oh hi there. I'm pretty good. I'm just making lunch; want a sandwich?

FLAT: Sure.

HOME: What do you want on it?

FLAT: Peanut butter, please.

HOME: You got it.

FLAT: I'm really hungry.

HOMEOPATHY brings the sandwich over to FLATMATE. FLATMATE takes a bite.

Um. There's nothing on this sandwich..

HOME: I'll think you'll find there is.

FLAT: Well...

HOME: I used the same knife to make peanut butter sandwiches yesterday. That means there's twice as much peanut butter on these sandwiches than yesterday's. Bread has memory.

FLAT: Hang on Homeopathy, why are you at home making sandwiches; aren't you supposed to be going into the office today?

HOME: Oh no, I don't work.