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All the tea in China

A is digging a very deep hole, B is calling down to them.

B: What are you doing?
A: Digging to China
B: Why?
A: I need to get some more tea, I've run out.
B: Why don't you just go to the shops like normal people? Digging a crater in the middle of the road seems a bit disproportionate.
A: Didn't you hear? All the tea is in China!
B: *beat* No it isn't
A: Someone said it to me 'not for all the tea in China'
B: Ah! I see where you are going wrong here. You are committing a logical fallacy.
A: How so?
B: Well, first lets remove the negation cause that will just confuse you. Now 'all the tea in china' implies that you are wanting all the element 'tea' in the set 'china' not that every element of 'tea' is contained within 'china.'
A: huh?
B: Think of it like a venn diagram. You have everything, then you have all the tea, then you have china. So even if you want all the tea in China not all the tea is in China.
A: Oh
B: also, you're digging the wrong way. China is over there.