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Writing Workshop Friday 14th May

Here's a few ideas churned out at the writing workshop, See what you can do with them.

Clown Western

Home alone kid kills a guy

  • It could happen.

Senile Home alone kid – Nursing home

  • Kid sets traps for the nurses.

Ned Kelly – Original Iron man

Boring government conspiracy

  • There is a huge conspiracy that everyone's in on but it's really mundane.

Pre school fight club

Incredibly obvious product placement

Dawn of the mermaid

  • Someone trying to convince people it wasn't a dugong he fucked, but actually the mythical mermaid of the sea.

Radioactive Sloth – Slothman

  • A man bitten by a radioactive sloth that gets the superpowers of a sloth. “We need you slothman”, “I'm coming...... ….. …..!”

President Orange

  • A president that's an orange

Extreme – ophiles

  • Bacteria doing amazing stuff

Semaphore (subtitled)

Break up in a stalled elevator

Multiple personality

The ugliest Wizard

Marriage proposal gone wrong

Robocop gets Windows 7

Robocop vs iRobot

The Earthworm that attacks New York

People genuinely don't know who Spartacus is.