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Teletubby Inquisition


Teletubby inquisition
~ could be played out by people on stage - just need flat cardbord "buildings"
Beginning: We see an ancient, highly religious society, but with tv's, tv antennae and satellite dishes conspicuously showing above the ancient buildings. A man is seen sneaking back to his house, past the gallows, with a tape, carefully making sure he isn't being watched. He walks into his house and turns on the tv, putting in the video. After a quick look around, he presses the play button. On the screen it says "EVOLUTION" or "THE ROUND EARTH". After a while of him watching, suddenly, the screen flickers, and one of the telletubbies appears on the screen and says in an overtly happy voice "7 days" (aka "the ring")
7 days later, when he's standing alone in his room, maybe making funny faces into a mirror, the TV turns on by itself and all the doors to the room lock themselves loudly. The telletubbies appear on the screen and stare at him - he tries to turn off the tv but it stays on and the telletubbies start to introduce themselves. He starts getting desperate and pulls out the power cable of the tv, but it doesnt turn off. After saying their names, and announcing a life-long concert, the telletubbies start pulling themselves out of the tv in a creepy "the ring" like way. The stage fades to dark as the telletubbies themesong is played, along with the guy screaming in agony and tearing at himself. When the stage is totally dark, he ducks behind something and red streamer "intrails" and "organs" come flying from offstage.

The telletubbies appear in the vatigan infront of the pope
One of the telletubbies: "we caught another sneaking science into the country"
Pope: "another lost to the evil forces of logic - has he been neuturalised?"
Telletubby: "Affirmative"

~ this could be spread out as 3 parts at different times in the performance