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From Fairy Bread Friday

A: [monotone] Good morning madam, I hope you're having a good day.
B: Yeah, hi. [shouts off to the side] Billy! Stop that!
A: Would you like to sign up for -
B: No thanks. [side] Billy, I told you not to open the M&Ms!
A: Would you like to sign up for our rewards card -
B: I said no, didn't you hear me?
A: It's in my contract, I have to finish the question. Would you -
B: NO!! Just scan my items and shut up. [side] Get off the meat counter, Billy!
A: We have a special on Super Brand Bottled Water, madam.
B: What's super about it? [side] STOP TOUCHING THE KNIVES!
A: It's in it. And vitamins.
B: Oh, I don't have the energy for this. Billy, come here NOW.

(a man walks in)

Billy: Hey honey, are we ready to go?

End scene.