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Steven Hawking plots world domination

There's so many ways this could go ill leave the page blank except for a few ideas of how this could go and let the hive mind decide or create better ones. Oh and there's some other ideas that dont involve his evil plans as well.
Ideas on Steven Hawking's plans on world domination/destruction
~ Steven hawking begging on the street for money to build the "deth star"
~ Steven hawking speaking of his love for violence and destruction and how he'd love to eviscarate people in his electronic monotone before having a nap.
Non world domination ideas:
~ Steven hawking the giggalo
~ Steven hawking the secret agent. Surely we could tech up his wheelchair like the bond cars. And of course the ladies would love him.
~ Steven hawking the tellemarketer - this opens up the possibility of occasional random funny adds by him over the course of the revue.