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Selling Watches

The main idea is an illegal watch seller trying to sell watches who is then asked for the time, and then cannot give it despite all his watches, as they don't actual work.

Opens with a person selling illegal watches on the street, possibly has a trench coat filled with illegal watches.
 Perhaps approaches various people on said street who try to avoid him as he tries to sell them a watch.
Is finally approached by another character who is not trying to run away/avoid our watch seller.

I was actuallly inspired by ongoing dialouge by a friend who dressed up as an illegal watch seller at a party, here are some quotes.

"I believe it is afternoon time."

"So do any of these watches actually work?"
"No, but some of them have batteries though..."

"Uh ... This one use to work, but then I pressed a button and now it doesn’t work...look I swear, I'll show you, I pressed this light button right here, see here ..."

"Can you make it work? Please, it was working before!"

Watch begins to fall apart

" Oh My God I keep breaking it ... oh I can take this ... there you are … now it’s a fob watch!"

"I used to wear this one in high school."

"You could even buy a watch for your ankle, so when you bend over you can still tell the time."

"I'm sorry but I don't think I actually like any of those watches."
"I don't like any of them either."