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School punishments

A group of Elizabethian style school teachers punnishing students for misbehaving.
Running in the hallway ~ A week in the gallows
Late to class ~ 3 days on the racks
Uniform not tucked in ~ Burt at the stake
Stoned (used druggs) ~ 10 minute lunchtime detention.
Additional ideas that could build on this idea:
 ~ teacher rishes into principal's office ~
Teacher: "sir, one of the students got stoned"
Principal: "what he's been stoned but why and when"
Teacher: "no sir, he is stoned and right now"
Principal: "someone's stoning him without him misbehaving?"
Teacher: "no sir, he took drugs and got stoned"
Principal: "well if he's been punished already, why mention it?"
Teacher: "well sir, he's quite enjoying it"
Principal: "what? wouldnt it hurt having rocks thrown at him?"
Teacher: "no sir, there's no rocks being thrown"
Principal: "well if it's just pebbles, i dont see any harm"
Teacher: "no sir, no pebbles either, he's just stoned"
Principal: "Well how could he be stoned without rocks or pebbles? Bring him it"
 ~ student comes in ~
"Ah the student has clearly gotten stoned. Why didnt you say so"
~~~ and so on ~~~