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Play School

I was inspired by Andrews random rantings at camp, in which he said

"Remember Jemima? Don't drink kids"

I thought we could run something on that.

Or perhaps have the play school toys acted by people, 10years in the future where Jemima has had 3 kids and is pimping it with little ted who is some sort of bikie/ S&M addict, with Humpty Dumpty pimping out girls who watched him and is addicted to crack (get it cause he fell off the wall and got cracked? bad pun i know), with the Teddy who got dressed up in a skirt suffering from sexual confusion/exploitation/ becoming Prisscilla Queen of the Toy Box. and closing with the Ning Nang Nong Song and every1 agreeing that those guys in the song a wacked out/freaks. we should also include some problems with the arch/circle window always being chosen in the window clock.

again 5am drunken morning maddness that latter part.