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Person 1: Okay, so we’ve got this new beautiful utensil (holds up a ped-egg). Now all we need is a flashy name for it so we can jack up the price. It needs to be technological, and have, like, science words and stuff. Any ideas?

Person 1: Well it should have the letter O in the middle. Like a dice-o-matic. Something like that.

Person 1: Good thinking, good thinking. Right and it should have Latin. All good sciency things have Latin in them.

Person 2: Well what does it actually do?

Person 1: It files off the dead skin and fungus from the bottom of your feet.

Person 2: Eeeww. But okay. The Latin for foot is ped, so we could use that.

Person 1: Brilliant! Keep going. I think we only need one more word and we’ll have a good name.

Person 2: Well it’s basically a glorified file isn’t it? So what about file?

Person 1: Excellent! So the name of our product shall be... (writes on big piece of paper) (excitedly)The Ped-o-file!