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My Best Friend's Dog

From Fairy Bread Friday

A: Hi Max, I was hoping you'd come. I need someone to watch Rex over the weekend, are you available?
B: Of course, you're my best friend.
A: Great! Now, he needs to be walked twice a day, 7:15-7:45am sharp and 6:10-6:50pm sharp.
B: Yep, yep
A: He gets fed thrice a day, at 8 o'clock, 1:30 pm and 7:05 pm. He needs a quarter of a cup of dry food diluted with 3 quarters of a cup of water for morning and lunch. At night, I like to spoil him a little with a steak - you'll find those in the freezer.
B: Mmhmm.
A: He prefers it medium rare. Oh and at 7:30 he likes to watch Harry's Practice. Make sure you turn down the commercials, he gets angry when Idol ads come on.
B: Is that all?
A: Don't mind too much if he gnaws on your leg, he's just being friendly. But if you start losing blood, here's my doctor's phone number.
B: Wait, gnaws my...
A: Yes, he's toothing. Say goodbye to mummy, Rex!
(Child appears, sulking)
B:'re adopted.