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Mad Scientist

//Kind of nicked this idea from a crappily drawn paintbrush cartoon I saw on reddit the other day but I reckon it would translate into a sketch pretty well something along the lines of.
Lights up to reveal a large contraption and two people (A Mad Scientist and and Assistant) along with a hum in the background
Mad Scientist:  At last, my life's work is complete, the product of all my toil and labour, every Mad Scientist's dream...A DEATH RAY!
laughs maniacly
Assistant: Yes yes well done...but what mad hypothesis are you testing?
MS: Well...none
Ass: You aren't looking for any mad results?
Ass: Not publishing a paper in some mad peer-reviewed journal?
MS: no
Ass: So you're just going to use it to make some...mad observations?
MS: no no no...i'm going to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
Ass: rrrright..surely you are at least going to leave some of the world unenslaved as a sort of mad...control group?
increasingly imaptient
MS: Of course not I MADE I am going to USE it
//Now there are a couple of ways to finish this but I'm not really sure:
//Ending A
Freeze with the lights still up
Voiceover: Unfortunately most mad scientists just turn out to be mad engineers
lights down
//Ending B
Ass: No hypothesis, no're not a mad scientist at're just a mad engineer
//again could fade here....or...
MS: how dare you!
snaps fingers, maybe flash some red lights on stage as the hum gets louder
assistant collapses
MS: [writing on clipboard] Subject A displayed initial signs of impertinance but following a 5 second ray application became both compliant and deceased.
fade out