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Hero's dilema

Another raw unworked idea. It's probably shit but even shit can have golden lumps of corn in it :)
A muscular hero-like character is standing, posing. Loud dramatic music is playing. The hero starts searching around cautionsly as if searching for a criminal/crime. The Loud dramatic music is still playing, which is at odds to his situation. The hero suddenly flicks his head in one direction narrowing his eyes (looking as if he's determined his adversary's location). He walks cautiously in that direction, looking, searching. After searching for a while, he gives a victory pose, then reaches towards his target, takes out the "dramatic music" record and puts in a "Suspense music" record. He walks back to his original location (where he was just after posing) and resumes searching around like he was before. He comes accorss an old lady having her purse stolen. The criminal stops in the act to stare at him in horror. The hero pulls out a "chasing music" reccord and starts running towards the reccord player. The old lady says........[insert something witty].......