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Rightio, this is a rough idea that Rona, Bec and I came up with in Manning earlier today. Inspired by a recent trip to McDonalds and discovering that due to OH&S regulations they only serve actual motor vehicles in the drive through. Also inspired by how sexy Bashar is.

This would work best as a video sketch. It's basically about how the regulations affect people driving all types of 'vehicles'. Basically just a bunch of things are shown going through the drive-thru, getting progressively more ridiculous. Things such as:

-People in car/motorcyle
-Person on bicycle
-Person on bicycle holding an engine (thus an actual motor vehicle)
-Person on unicycle
-Person in wheelchair
-Person on a pony
-A centaur
-Person in a hamster bubble
-Person on a gurney, missing an arm or other such appendage
-Six people carrying a coffin
-A helicopter (which will be faked, ie imaginative camera angles & sound effects. Unless someone has a helicopter lying around?)
-Person in Wonderwoman costume, in Invisible Jet

et cetera