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cancer squad

okay so this is my idea for a video sketch/series of sketches because i went to the beach today...
i'm thinking heaps of people tanning on the beach and the "cancer squad" (or something similar) suddenly appears and starts randomly assualting people with sunscreen (squirt gun/ pour out of bucket), hats , jamming shirts on back-to-front, etc.
this theme could be furthered to other items that potentially cause cancer:
i'm thinking a series which peogressively weider and end with maybe a revue (eg med/law/science) - resultoing in tearing down posters, jumping up and down on signage, etc
....or whatever....

***Possible take on this idea***
lights up on stage, girl in swim wear (maybe at beach, location doesn't matter, lighting however should be really bright).
All of a sudden SLIP walks up and hands her a t-shirt
she thinks oh awesome a free t-shirt (maybe puts it on, maybe not)
(SLIP says something along the lines of being cancer prevention or something or rather and then leaves)
SLAP walks onto stage and sees the girl and hands her a hat.
she thinks awesome, something along the lines of more free stuff. SLAP walks off after saying something similar or the same as SLIP
the same sequence follows for WRAP (he or she hands her a pair of sunnies and she thinks AWESOME!)
finally SLOP walks on and has a bottle of sunscreen. girl walks starts to walk towards him thinking awesome he's going to give me free suncream too.
and just as she gets close to them, they squirt suncream all over them, leaving saying the exact same thing that the others said.
possible ending (may be dificult to do safely, need people who can do martial arts and can take hits and fall properly)
the girl snaps and SLOP in a manner very similar to the worlds SLIP SLOP SLAP WRAP and then storms off
another possible ending
girl left standing on stage fuming and then SHADE walks on. GIRL "OH WHAT DO YOU WANT", shade just waves and the lights go out.