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Camp Ideas

Here is the list of ideas on the whiteboard at camp.
If you want to run with this go for it!

Animals going to Uni
    - Arts etc

Jesus IVF Baby
    - Aliens
    - Chest Burster

Jesus as Superhero
    - "Jesus Christ: Superman"

Genie suing Aladdin
    - Slavery
    - Union Rights
    - 1 billion years of Superannuation
    - The logistics of wishes

Soup in my fly

Julia Gill-ard
Malcolm Turn-Bull
Tony Rabbit
Wayne Swann
(Rudd shows up - doesn't get the joke)

Tongue Twisters

Just Dance - Maths

On the table in the alien ship waiting to be probed
    - Turns out it's a dentist surgery

Town meeting - Mocking bird

Frosty the Puddle (Global Warming)

Muppet Therapy

The Grouch as a homeless man

Edward Cullen is dracula's disappointing son

Bella + Edward twenty years on
    - Stake
    - Garlic
    - Baptism

Kick Me  - Kiss Me Parody - Man with sign on his back

Dark Ages Multiculturalism

Lab Mice
    - Uni students
    - Sharing a flat
    - Treat it like a pub job


Man meets his clone

Woman cracking down on Innuendo
    - The opposite of this sketch

Vader in hot pants

Seven Dwarves Mining Tax

Wonderwoman Office Job

Waiting for war-husband
    - Time apart

Kevin Rudd Handball

Threesome man

Nazgul at Border Security

Going down

Gillard UN

Rudd Job Interview



Sweat Shop

Hollywood out of ideas

Neo - Nazis as Nazis that hate the matrix

Mime at border security