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Blood bank surprise

The bloodbank van is parked at uni, with a well dressed man sitting out front. His coat has some blood dripping down the front, but nobody seems to notice it. a girl walks up and he says "Care to donate some blood?" she says " i dont know" he starts talking about how her donation is important for saving lives and motions for her to step forwards towards the van as he continues to speak, she starts walking towards the van, but as soon as she is infront, he pulls out a batton, knocks her out, casually draggs her into the van and starts draining her blood till her face turns blue. As this is happening students just walk by as if it's perfectly normal.
At the end of the day when the van pulls off, we see a pile of body bags remaining with guy hauling them off. Voiceover says: Remember those jars in the biology building? Well now you know.