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Spontaneous Skit Spectacular Ideas

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if you had any great ideas for skits( I call them skits, but they're more like situations in which the characters have to improvise their way out of something). If you do have ideas, put them up!

Here's a few rough ideas that i have so far, if you like them then say so and I'll create more like it, if you don't, then also tell me, but tell me what you think might be appropriate for these impro newbies(Assuming).

Idea 1: Pretend you're on a spaceship, the engine's broken down. You have some keys, a hat and a spoon, how are you going to fix the spaceship?

Skit Idea 2: You're a spy, UNSW plans to take over the world by "something", you've got a rubber band, a pet monkey named Bill and a towel, how do you save the world.

Note: So it'd essentially go on for 2-3 mins, incorporating the items when possible. I have two options for sketches, that I'm hoping to try on people eventually.

The first is letting the people onstage fix set the scene themselves and following it until the problem's resolved. The second is setting up a situation for them ( a scene), for example i give them a scenario and they need to fix the problem then we progress to the next problem. We continue through the "scenes" until the problem is resolved.