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Nude Calendar

Aren't we adventurous. 

Yes. We have a proposed nude calendar and we will be shooting it before Christmas and/or after New Years. 
Out main theme is that of the scientific and the funny, as well as celebrating this awesome society!

This calendar will be published and used as promotional material at O-week. We endeavour to be as creative and organised as possible for each proposed shoot, approaching each in a professional manner. So anyone who wishes to be part of this highly artistic project can email

Attached below is some of our ideas for specific months - we would love your input (including props, location, catch-phrases...puns if necessary)

To all future Prime Ministers: If you wish to be part of this project we advise you to fully consider the implications of appearing naked nude (with various convenient props) in a published work.


JAN - Shot of crazy chemistry science experiment in a lab. We will need about 4 people. Idea involves beakers of coloured opaque liquid, your favourite chemistry apparatus -distillation device etc, joined together (think Mousetrap - if you ever played that game), clip board, first year lab handbook, and finally, digitally added smoke.

FEB - CSIRO boys - strip photos to fit all five with C.S.I.R.O letters: Maths - protractor/integral sign. Bio - hiding behind bush with binoculars. Physics - Van der Graaf Generator. Psycology - straight jacket, ink blot. Chemistry - guy with beaker and inspecting a micro test tube sample, nerd glasses?

MAR - Lab Safety rules. One person - lab coat, goggles, hair tied back, enclosed shoes, nothing else. Rules either labelled (as in friendly diagram) or listed on a sign

APRIL - lecture theatre - everyone nude with one clothed person or vice versa. This idea will require quite a few extras.

MAY - Astronomy/Scientific Heritage - glow in the dark planets/moon. telescope? Any Ideas!

JUNE - Quad shot? Hall?

JULY - Plastic human biology models (brain or various) /giant book - in the library - beware of security cameras! Stacks in Fisher/Education Library

AUGUST - People jumping away from the camera with umbrellas.

SEPT - Emergency shower, removing clothes covered in acid

OCT - Nude toys ie. Reginald Grumbles, nude barbie on a random chair in SciTec library

NOV - Running down Eastern Avenue, graduation gowns and hats, throwing books

DEC - Christmas deedlyboppers - santa claus (james?) manning stage?