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comedy show similar to big bang theory
  - shows us having fun at uni

explode shit - entire vlog series about how to blow shit up

science of reduction

filming people getting drunk with minimal scientific explanation

get in contact with highschools
get vlog shown in classrooms

science of cocktails

science of pokemon

probability of crazy shit happening

crazy ways to kill animals

science of kittens

something to do with food

stadium science

deadly food

cooking science

dancing with scientists

drama/sitcom, set in lab, but without focus on science, this way the kids empathise with characters and don't think about them being scientists (until it's too late and they're one of us.. muhuhahahaa...)

musical webisode, like dr horrible

Basic concept:  A blog, perhaps with occasional videos, that seeks to discuss the really interesting things that science has found.  Each post would consist of a short article, maybe 400 words, with simple instructive diagrams or entertaining illustrations.  It would update about twice a week as blogs do best with frequent posts.  Arguably it would be best to start with releasing several articles at once.  The posts would start off with articles about how the human body makes ethanol and how zombies can exist and would slowly work to include more scientific things to do with the process of science, such as how poking yourself in the eye with a toothpick can be valid science.  The blog would most likely be aimed at the 18-25 age bracket, with articles about how long you can go without sleep and how caffeine works.  Eventually current science could be weaseled into it.

Arguably many of the ideas listed could be used in blog posts or turned into videos which could be put on the blog.

Fashion Show, either:
 * hottest labcoats of 2010
 * a retrospective of fashion in science over the last thousand? years
pimp it up like a modern fashion show - loads of photographers, flashes, slim models who don't/can't smile.