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Potential Theme Sketch - 03 - Planning

Dave: Okay - I've gathered you here because if we want to get our universe back, we must destroy the quark.
Jonathan: How does killing the quark get our universe back?
Dave: Well, imagine that our universe is a diamond engagement ring - and the quark is an annoying and mischievous puppy. Now, if the puppy swallows the diamond ring the way to get it back is to tear apart the puppy and wait for the ring to spill out. Killing the quark is like putting a knife into the chest of a yapping puppy and pulling out a diamond ring.
Anne: God, I love science!
Aaron: But - it's too strong. How do we destroy something that ate our universe?
Dave: Exactly - that's the question. Now, this is an open forum - there are no stupid answers here.
Jonathan: We could eat it!
Dave: That's a stupid answer.
Aaron: How about we create a bigger universe that could beat it?
Anne: How?
Aaron: .. I think we should eat it.
Jonathan: I know that this is taboo but .. have we considered using magic?
Anne: Magic isn't real
Jonathan: Oh yeah? Then how'd David Copperfield get Claudia Schiffer
Anne: That was a trick
Jonathan: You mean one of those big yellow things with four wheels?
Anne: That's a truck
Jonathan: He can make trucks disappear too.
Anne: That's a trick.
Jonathan: I'm confused.
Aaron: Have we considered eating it?
Jonathan: I've got it! If we reconfigure the lights in this room so that they're wavelength equals the wavelength emitted by the Quarks chrono-synthetic core then we can inject a hallogenetic virus and destroy it!
Anne: That doesn't make any sense. That isn't even science. That's drivel.
Jonathan: Oh.. then I'm out of ideas.
Anne: Didn't we have a device we used to destroy rogue Quarks?
Jonathan: I think I left it in the universe
Dave: Wait - No! I saw it lying about this morning and put it in my pocket! (Pulls remote out of his jacket pocket)
Billy: What's that Dad?
Dave: It's called the Deus ex Machine. It reverses the polarity of the current flow in the P.L.O.T. Device!
Anna: So if we can somehow get the quark into the P.L.O.T device..
Dave: We can reverse its polarity and make it collapse in on itself!
Billy: And then we'd get our universe back!
Dave: That's right Billy!
Jonathan: But, why does reversing the polarity of the quark make it collapse in on itself?
Anne: Why isn't my pen flying off my desk? It's called SCIENCE!
Dave: Okay people - When the Quark gets back, we'll trap him in the P.L.O.T device and reverse his polarity - and bring back our universe.