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Physics Police - Superheroes

Sirens go off. Thump in the darkness, lights up on superman lying face down on stage as if he just fell. Wonder woman rushes over.

WW: What just happened? Are you okay?

SM: *moans* I don't know, one minute I'm flying along, the next BAM! I fell!

*Two policemen walk on*

P1: Excuse me ma'am, sir, would I be correct in assuming you're superheroes?

WW: Uh... yes, that's correct officer. What sort of crime do you need help with?

P2: We have a warrant for your arrest for breaking the laws of physics.

SM: What?!

WW: That's ridiculous, who are you?

P1: *tips his hat* Physics police ma'am. Thanks to an anonymous tip it's been brought to our attention that physics anarchy has been rampant in this area lately. This is currently being dealt with and the natural laws are back in effect as of now. I'm afraid your reign of anti-physics terror has come to an end. *to P2* Arrest them!

P2: Place your hands behind your back and ensure you don't increase entropy. You have the right to remain grounded. You have a right to a Physicist. Anything super speed or strength can and will be used against you in a scientific manner.

*The flash runs in and comes to a screeching halt jumping around like his feet are on fire*
F: Hot! Hot! Hot!

P1: *shakes head* They always have to try messing with friction don't they... Grab him too.

*P2 handcuffs all three and P1 and P2 lead the superheroes off stage. Superheroes are protesting the entire time.*

*batman appears on the juliet talking on phone*

B: Yes, yes... you're welcome officer. Anything I can do to help. *hangs up*
     *mocking voice* "Batman obeys Physics, he doesn't have superpowers!" Look who's laughing now, bitches!