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Sorry if i'm cluttering this, in my haste i created the page by mistake. So here it goes.

I don't really know whether this falls into the category of scripts of not, but it could work with or without staging.

I was thinking perhaps a 'gladiator wars' type thingy may work well for audience participation, aside from it could be a tad dangerous it may entertain people in much the same way as the arcade style shootout.

A slow mo gladiatoresque challenge, the MC picks an audience member to come up on stage, we give them a helmet and their asked to plow their way through a line of "gladiators"(cheesy nicknames galore).The audience member strikes thefirst person and a group of people in black carry the gladiator several metres across the stage and onto a pile of safety mats; it goes on with different gladiators more outrageous than the next.

Sparse lighting to obscure people in black carrying gladiators around the room, very dramatic?.

Comments welcome.