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V/O 29/9/2008

- We were going to write a skitch with a joke about China, but it seems that Law Revue has already completely melamined that resource, leaving naught but stony fields and crying babies.

- Recently facebook made headlines for incorporating a Pirate language option. Now, buckling under pressure from the substantial werewolf demographic, the team has released a new product incorporating lunar cycle data, entitled 'Phase-book'.

- Richard Feynman's creative muse revealed: Quantum Electrodynamics invented to distract fellow scientists to enable affairs with wives, mothers, daughters.

- New Benjamin Britten score discovered. Fails to prove deceased composer had a shred of musical ability.

- John McCain, first posthumous presidential candidate.

- Masonic/Jewish/Muslim conspiracy exposed. 9/11 caused by gay laser equipped dinosaur whales engaging in mortal combat on top of an erupting Mt Everest, at the bottom of the ocean, in space.

- If Rudd was Obama, headlines read 'O bummer, Obama sin laden; senator from Chicago admits to drunken strip club visit.'

- Senator McCain bags a wife blonder than Mrs Sarkozy. Ah McCain, you've done it again.

- Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden. Spartacus vs. Romans. Bezerkers vs the Atomic Bomb.

- Sarah Palin. Continuing the tradition of senior politicians with less intelligence than a lobotimised gold-fish.

- Sarah Palin - president. Making Bush's look good.

- Sarah Palin. Vladimir Putin is NOT worried.

- Sarah Palin. Fullstop.

- Live from the Large Hadron Collider headquarters at CERN:
    - "Ach, mein lieblings! Welcommen auf schweiss! Edelweiss und yodeling haben!'
    - "Any minute now we will activate the Large Hadron Collider - this is the moment for which we have been waiting!"
        "Is there any danger?"
        "Of course not! How rediculous!"
        "How so?"
        "There's tens of thousands of absurdly unnecessarily complicated parts, and virtually no redundancy. The chance of it actually working             is preposterously small."
        "Well, there's the button."
        "Hmm yes, so it is. Gee, I'd hate to be the one recorded in history as destroying the world."
        "Hehe, okay, I'll do it then. Muhahahha" *click* *chunk* *screams*
        "Did it work? Did you see the Higgs?"
        "Nope and nope. Shit."
    - "It might destroy Switzerland!"
        "So where's the bad?"