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Ticket to Ryde

== A/V ==

Scene: Bus stop. Girl is looking up the road, waiting for the bus. It arrives, and she climbs on. If possible, show a shot of the front of the bus, with “Ryde” as a destination. To bus driver:

Girl: Can I get a concession to Ryde, thanks?

Driver: That's $1.90 thanks

Girl pays money, gets ticket. Exchange is played very straight, as if it was actually an exchange – not a skit.

Girl: Thanks

Girl walks up bus, sits down on an empty seat as the bus drives off. Sitting in the two seats behind her and four people (Quartet), dressed in identical clothes with big, cheesy grins on their faces. One of them quietly and furtively blows a tuning note, nods to the others, then they all jump up and start singing in harmony:

Quartet: She’s got a ticket to Ry-yde; She’s got a ticket to Ry-y-yde; She’s got a ticket to Ryde –