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Opening Titles (indy theme)

Ok, just thought I'd start something for the opening titles so that video and music people etc can work together.

I've been having a close listen to the Indy Theme music, and one of the problems I can foresee is that unlike Misirlou/Pump It from Pulp Friction, the Indy theme is nowhere near as fast or energetic.
Because it's such a classic theme we obviously can't play around with the theme too much as everybody recognises it. For the title screens (supported by video) I think we only need to concentrate on the first 1:37 of the theme, but this is obviously too long for the titles.

So I've figured out the times of sections that are particularly energetic or exciting. If you are listening to the MP3 which I will try to upload to this page (which is the full Orchestral version) then I've found the following times mark useful emotive points:
0:48 - lead up to faster bits
1:03 - beginning of faster section
1:18 to 1:37 - another emotive section

Btw, if people want it I have as MP3's the full Raiders soundtrack.

-- There is also a slightly different performance of the theme which is perhaps slightly faster/more energetic. This is an edited version. But it's probably more appropriate for the review. See what you think. The times are slightly different to those above.
Josh Pearse,
Jul 21, 2008, 7:50 PM
Josh Pearse,
Jul 21, 2008, 7:37 PM