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Science Revue Society Meeting (03.Dec.07)

1. Opening of the Meeting

- Meeting opened at 1:32pm

2. Present (in alphabetical order)

- P. Allen, J. Baxter, V. Coles, A. Mak, D. Roberts, P. Sztajer, R. Verma.

3. Apologies (N/A)

4. Treasurers’ Report

- Current available balance: $4,510.97.

- Approximately $400.00 in the black after all finances are sorted out.

- Still waiting for the change over to occur, once the cash book has been finalised, ex-treasurers will hand it over to current treasurers.

- The society currently owes Maryssa approximately $800 - $ 850 for chocolates and other expenses.

- The society owes the Sydney University Union $6257.50 for sound / lighting.

- An invoice is needed from our sound technician.

- Donation to Cystic Fibrosis Australia was made – Total: $288.00

5. The Direction of the Society

- Short term goal:

i. Attract new members – target first years

ii. There should be a roll over for the directorial positions

iii. Gaining recognition on campus

iv. Keeping the account in the black

v. We need to strength our GROUPIES!!! (Front of house team, well being team, etc…)

vi. Profits made VS Amount kept by the society (This is only a rough guide)

Profit Amount Kept by the Society

< $1000.00 Everything (except the money from the jars)

$1000.00 - $2999.99 Keep %50 or $1000.00, the higher of the two

$3000.00 - $8999.99 Keep a-third or $1500.00, the higher of the two

$9000.00 or more Keep $3000.00, rest shall be donation

- Long term goal:

i. Consistency in the quality of our performance(s)

ii. Maintain our financial status, try to keep things in the black

iii. We need something that defines us as the science revue

6. Our Aims / Goals for the Year

- Sponsorship

i. Novelty cheque to be considered for large donations

ii. Sponsorship from this year - $5350.00

iii. Sponsors to be considered (this is only a compact list)

1. New Scientist

2. YSA

3. Faculty of Science

4. Alcohol companies – Need not to clash with Maxim (university alcohol sponsor)

5. Bayer

6. Lansdowne – Excellent sponsor! (Exposure for the whole year)

7. Intel

8. Apple

9. Microsoft

10. Glaxosmithklein, etc…

iv. Target for this year - $8000.00

- Fundraising

i. Last year’s fundraising: $2500.00, $500.00 more than the goal.

ii. This year’s aim is to equal $2500.00 (membership non-inclusive).

iii. In charge for BBQ’s, Rish’s responsibility to make sure it happens and delegate appropriately.

- Ticket Sales

i. This year’s target was $800.00 (at $15 a ticket).

ii. We are aiming for 3 nights of performance again next year.

iii. Try to get CNS to get societies to purchase tickets as a group, target Sutekh!

iv. If we get the science week funding – ticket prices may drop.

v. $0.40 – $0.50 per ticket is charged for printing the tickets (Seymour Centre).

vi. Target – 1100 seat to be sold (approximately $14000).

7. Deadlines

- To be revised: Email Patryck with changes / additions

- Room Bookings to be finalised earlier

8. Social Secretary Responsibilities

- Co-ordination of o-week festivities

- Organisation of social events (Viewing night, dinners, after party and camp!!!)

- Formation of the Well-being team

- Organisation of inter-revue tickets (for us to see other revues as a social event)

- Recruitment of new members

9. O-Week

- Banner, to be made on “Arts and Crafts Day”

- Plug at transition workshop

- DVD to be released /Promo clips to be made by then

- TV / Speakers / Power

- Member pack

- Inter-revue showcase

10. Summer Projects

- Xzander suggested that we could work on some videos, these can be used as extra features, or actual videos for the revue

11. Savings Accounts

- ING looks the best if we chose to register as a business (there are pro’s and con’s)

- Treasurers to look into the use of a savings account

12. Charity

- Science Revue is likely to stick with Cystic Fibrosis as our charity

13. General Business

- Changing account password for Netbank

- Changing signatories

- Website / Webmaster

- Wiki: Pat to “contact” Nick

- Pat to email Derrick / Alvin with logos

- Pat to email Alvin with dates of the GM

14. Arrangement of Next Meeting

- 6th of February – 2pm to 4pm

- Alvin to email Pamela and the executive

15. Conclusion of the Meeting

- Meeting closed at 4:07pm