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Science Revue Society General Meeting (07.Jan.08)

Opening of the Meeting

Meeting opened 3:38pm

Present (in alphabetical order by surname)

P. Allen, R. Barugahare, J. Baxter, V. Coles, A. Danos, I. Esler, C.Gillis, A. Mak, D. Roberts, D. Scott, P. Sztajer, R. Trethowan, R. Verma.

Apologies (N/A)

N. Cooper, L. Moshkanbaryans

Minutes of the last meeting

P. Allen went through the minutes from our previous meeting and V. Coles accepted the minutes

Treasurers’ Report

- Audits are done

- Signatories changed over

Social Secretary

1. Description of the role was given to all members present

2. Khym has been nominated to be our returning officer:

- Nominated by: P. Allen

- Seconded by: P. Sztajer

3. I. Esler has been nominated to be our social secretary:

- Nominated by: I. Esler

- Seconded by: V. Coles

4. C. Gillis has been nominated to be our social secretary:

- Nominated by: C. Gillis

- Seconded by: A. Mak

5. 2 members abstained

6. Congratulations to C. Gillis in successful becoming our social secretary for the year 2008.

O-Week / General business leading up to O-Week

1. T-shirt:

a. $10.00 per shirt, up to a maximum of 1000 t-shirts

b. T-shirt idea: “Shapes on a plane”, to be finalised by the 21st Jan, and to be sent to the printers by the 4th Feb

c. Putting the logo of our sponsors on back of the t-shirt

d. It was proposed that, if members wear the t-shirt, they are eligible for cheaper prices at our BBQ.

e. Paul to ask whether we can keep the t-shirt printing plate

2. Sponsors

a. Derrick is still organising sponsors for O-week

b. Pat to email Derrick sponsorship booklet

3. Flyers:

a. Paul to print and design flyers to advertise what a revue is

i. Definition

ii. History

iii. How can you contribute

iv. Fairy Bread Friday

b. Caitlin to print flyers for viewing night

4. Banner – Caitlin to enquire about banners

5. General organisation for the store

a. TV / DVD playing on the day

b. Pat to pack a power board

c. Membership cards: Paul to get in touch with printers

d. Rish to get jar for our “condom guessing” competition

e. DVD cover: Pat to email Paul the poster for “Pulp Friction”

6. Website

a. Article about the revue needs to be done soon

b. Reference as many sponsors as possible

c. Website needs to be changed – Pat to contact Chris to change website

7. Price schemes for membership – to be finalised by the 4th of February

a. Rish to quote a price for printing

b. Paul to quote for DVD’s and covers

c. Prices (draft)

i. $5 – membership WITH a t-shirt and a promo show bag

ii. $12 – as above with a DVD as well

iii. $15 – DVD on its own (without membership)

8. Graffiti Tunnel

a. Paul to contact CNS about the painting of the tunnel ad

b. Members are encouraged to send ideas to Paul – Alvin to email out about this in the next email

c. Should include:

i. Who we are

ii. How to contact us

9. Show bag items

a. Condoms

b. New Scientists – Derrick to try to get more by O-week

c. Lollipops - Caitlin to get quotes for the prices

d. Tattoos - Caitlin to print tattoos, Paul to sent Caitlin the design

e. Free programme from last year’s show

10. Publicity Committee

a. Rhiannon, Caitlin, Isaac, Terry, Rona

b. Alvin to send email regarding the recruitment for publicity crew in next email

11. Viewing night

a. Pat to contact Anne Green in regards to the venue for the viewing night

b. Held on Wednesday, week 2 (Gold coin donation) 5:30 for a 6:00 start

c. Caitlin to print tickets for viewing night

d. Caitlin to design advertisement for this event

e. Minor funding to be considered

f. Pat to contact Uni Brothers about cheap catering deal for this event

Fairy Bread Friday

- Friday 10am Isabel Fidler Room

- Alvin to do booking for room, and online Bull, starting with week 2

Social event ideas

- Monday nights: Lansdowne (Patronage deal)

- Pat to contact Ceroc about free first lesson (may be??)

- Pat to contact Lansdowne, drinks / dinner deal…

Conclusion of the Meeting

Meeting closed: 5:50pm